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Awaken the Senses With Coffee
Posted by Ann Marie on 1/17/2014 to European Gifts
Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages; people have been drinking it for hundreds of years. Many enjoy it at home, work and coffee houses and cafes around the world. The rich flavor of fresh roasted coffee is distinctively delectable, and the aroma can be heavenly. The more recent the coffee has been roasted, the tastier it is likely to be. 

Roasting coffee is an art that takes practice, patience and care. Relaxing over a cup of coffee can provide a nice break in the day. The increase in popularity of coffee houses and cafes has helped to increase the prominence of the many delicious types of the product, while also providing nice places to socialize and work. 

Where it Grows

Most of the world’s coffee is cultivated in tropical areas throughout the world. Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia are some of the world’s top coffee producing countries. Coffee from certain countries may be renowned for different attributes, including flavor, body and acidity. The region in which the coffee is grown is frequently incorporated into to its name. Some popular varieties are Kona, Jamaican and Java blends. 

Organic and Fair Trade

There has been a surge in interest in organic coffee due to the environmentally sustainable cultivation processes. Fair trade coffee is also becoming increasingly popular. It is produced and certified under a set of strict standards in order to help third world farmers. Some charities have partnered with a coffee producer to receive a portion of the proceeds whenever a certain type is coffee is sold. 

A Treat for Everyone

Whether you are looking for the perfect holiday gift or a daily treat for yourself, coffee is always an ideal choice. There are a number of delicious seasonal coffees available that incorporate holiday flavors, including pumpkin, cranberry and eggnog. The hardest part of the process comes when deciding which type to choose from given that there are so many tempting and delicious options available.
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