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Baked Fig Ball


Item Id: 12530

250 gr/8.8 oz

A unique and traditional Calabrese confection for the holidays. Bifera Dottato figs are poached in a secret syrup for a few minutes and then packed by hand into a ball the size of a baseball. The fig-ball is then carefully wrapped around tender fig leaves and placed in a low-temperature oven to dry until the leaves are parched like bay leaves. The intense aroma of the fig leaf perfumes the dottato figs as they dry, resulting in a very intense fig confection.

Using a very sharp knife, slice the pallone in half and serve on a plate to accompany soft cheeses such as ricotta, fresh pecorino and gorgonzola. The intense liquorice and caramel flavors are the perfect accompaniment also to robust red wines such as Amarone and Aleatico for dessert.

Once the pallone is sliced open, you may keep it in an air-tight container in the fridge for up to two weeks.

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