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Benefits of Fair Trade Products on Society
Posted by Ann Marie on 10/26/2013 to Events
Fair trade products make a huge difference in the lives of farmers throughout Africa, Asia and South America. Growers who operate fair trade farms are able to invest in their communities, expanding the level of social services available to these impoverished areas. Fair trade products are eco-friendly, ethical and delicious.

Fair trade products assure farmers in poverty-stricken countries that they receive a reasonable price for their crops. This means that certain products, like coffee, cost more than a discount variety. However, the price of fair trade products usually is on par with gourmet varieties, and the quality is the same as or better than the high-end products.
The higher price of fair trade products allows farmers to make a large impact on their communities, through investments in schools and health care. Fair trade farms are required to provide a job site where women are free from harassment, and they have access to paid maternity leave. Fair trade farmers also employ sustainable growing practices, which reverses some of the damage done by impoverished growers who must engage in harmful agricultural practices to produce enough crops for a meager living.
Fair trade coffee, like Ann Marie's Organic Sumatra, is grown with sound agricultural practices that enrich the flavor to produce a robust coffee with a creamy flavor. Other fair trade products include the Organic Nicaraguan coffee, which is sweet and surprisingly light.

Purchasing fair trade products allows you to do some good in the world while enjoying the food and beverages you consume every day. The crops produced on these farms bring the rich flavor and culture of the area where they originate, ensuring that your morning cup of coffee is one of the best available.
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