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Birthday Tea Sachets

Birthday Tea Sachets

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Harney and Son
20 sachets

This Birthday Tea, was created in honor of our Master Tea Blender, John Harney, on the occasion of his 80th Birthday. Aromatic and flavorful, Birthday Tea comb ines luscious fruit and berry flavors with flowers to create a delightful and yummy crimson cup of tea worthy of a celebration. ingredients: Hibiscus, Rosehips, Decaf Ceylon, Raspberry flavor, Blueberry flavor, Pomegranate flavor, Vanilla flavor, Spearm int, Pepperm int, Marigold petals, Cornflowers, Natural and Artificial flavors. Brew Time: Boiling water, 5 minutes. A decaffe inated tea to enjoy hot or iced.< span>
With bright colors like ballons and bold flavors, you are sure to enjoy. And since it decaffe inated, all can enjoy the festivities.< div>
< colgroup>
Dry Leaves< th>A festive mixture of black tea leaves, colorful flowers, and russet rose hips.< td>< tr>
Liquor< th>The liquor is brown edging towards russet.< td>< tr>
Aroma< th>The fruity aromas welcome you to the celebration!< td>< tr>
Caffeine Level< th>Decaffe inated< td>< tr>
Body< th>Given the decaffe inated tea and herbs, the body is light.< td>< tr>
Flavors< th>The party cont inues while you enjoy the bold fruity flavors!< td>< tr>
Brewing Time< th>4 to 5 minutes< td>< tr>
Brewing Temperature< th>212 F< td>< tr>< tbody>< table>< div>< div>< div>< div>< div>< div>
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