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Capresso H20 PRO Stainless Water Kettle

Capresso H20 PRO Stainless Water Kettle

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This programmable cordless water kettle is faster, safer and more energy efficient than any stovetop kettle. Its ease of use and precise digital temperature control, combined with its beautiful stainless steel design, make the H2O PRO the top choice for the true tea lover. Different types of tea are best enjoyed at different water temperatures, so the Capresso H2O PRO features 11 temperature settings from 110 to 212 degrees F. Whereas a stovetop kettle is handy for reaching the boiling point, which is ideal for black teas, the H2O PRO lets you program precise water temperature for the world of teas from white and green to oolong, black, herbal and rooibos. The H2O PRO can be programmed to keep water at any temperature from 110 to 190 degrees F for leisurely enjoyment of tea over an extended period of time. A chlorine reducing setting is available to purify water taste. Boiling duration can be programmed for anywhere from 3 to 20 seconds.

The Capresso H2O PRO features a large 56-ounce capacity and a simple, intuitive design. Using the up and down arrows located on the handle, the user selects select the desired temperature. The LCD panel displays the programmed temperature, and illuminated digital controls add to its ease of use. With a press of a button, the kettle begins to heat water and quickly reaches the precise desired temperature. Once the proper temperature is reached, the unit shuts off, indicating that the water is ready. The stylish carafe features stainless steel housing with a polished chrome finish. A water level indicator window on the side provides an accurate reading of the amount of water inside. For added purity, the Micro Filter spout traps any particles so they do not go into the beverage. The cordless design makes it ideal for left or right-handers to use. The kettle lifts easily from the 360-degree swivel base for pouring and serving. In addition to heating water for tea, the H2O PRO is versatile for use when preparing yeast, brewing French press coffee, or re-hydrating dried mushrooms or tomatoes for cooking. The unit is extremely safe to use. The unit's dry-boil protection and safety auto-shut off ensure the kettle is turned off when not in use.

Features & Benefits: •56 oz capacity •Variable temperature control with 11 settings from 110 to 212 F • Fast, quiet boil • Dry boil protection • Safety auto shut-off • Chlorine reducing and extended boil settings • Programmable boiling duration from 3 to 20 seconds • Slip free, textured underside handle • Water Level Window • Stainless steel housing with polished chrome finish • Illuminated digital display and controls located on the handle. • Cordless design with 360-degree swivel base for right or left hand use. • Concealed low-noise heating element
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