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Country Estate Ramekin Tea Party Tent Delft Blue

Country Estate Ramekin Tea Party Tent Delft Blue

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Dimensions: 4 inW, 2.5 inH

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From Juliska's Country Estate Collection- profusely practical and pa inted with the estate's landscape on a m inuscule scale, the ramek ins are rem iniscent of the fine portrait m iniatures that lovers would carry in their waistcoats and skirt ruffles. These versatile and petit gems will quickly become among your most cherished items from the kitchen. Featuring: Kite Fliers, Ma in House, Boathouse, and Tea Party Tent < span>< div>

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May the bounty of your table be as boundless as the lovely English landscapes depicted in Juliska's new dinnerware collection, Country Estate. With every nibble or sip, you take one step further on a charming narrative of English country life, with a different enchanting scene on each piece illustrating its romantic architecture, bustling activities, and grand vistas. By interlacing age-old decorative techniques with a chic, neutral, palette and unrivaled functionality, Country Estate ma inta ins thoroughly modern sensibilities while still feeling from the manor born. Mix it effortlessly with many of Juliska's other collections, most notably the Berry and Thread designs and cool Pewter Stoneware. This graceful collection is the result of an elegant duet between our Juliska designers and Deborah Sears, renowned designer and pa inter of Isis Ceramics in England.< span>< div>
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