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Engraved Addison Vase

Engraved Addison Vase

Item Id: engraved_addison_vase
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Simon Pearce

< span>< div>
  • Star performer.< strong>< p>

    • measurement: H 9Ĺ x W 4Ĺ< li>< ul>

      Donít be fooled by the casual presentation--the Simon Pearce Addison Vase is far from be ing a wallflower. Brilliantly clear with substantial walls shaped to perfection, this exceptional glasswork is a star in its own right.< p>

      Put initials in normal order (Jame Arthure Miller -JAM). The Last name initial will be place in the Center.(jMa)< span>< div>

      < div>< li>< ul>
      Engrav ing Fonts:< div>
      in< div>

      < div>

      Engrav ing Tips< span>< p>

      Sales are f inal on all engraved items. Returns will NOT be accepted. To ensure you are pleased with your purchase, please review the following tips:< p>

      • Check to be sure your capitalization, spelling,and punctuation are as you want them. The text that you enter will be the EXACT text engraved on your item.< li>
      • Please make sure the font you have selected is the font you want. You may choose from four font styles.: Garamond, Avenir, Snell RoundHand and Zapf Chancery. For a clean, contemporary look, choose Avenir. Garamond works well for a more traditional treatment. For monograms or congratulatory messages, you might try the Snell RoundHand or Zapf Chancery scripts.< li>
      • For smaller pieces like stemware, barware, small bowls, vases, and so on, Simon Pearce recommends engrav ing only initials or monograms due to space limitations.< li>
      • When entering a monogram, enter the initials in the normal sequence (ABC). The Simon Pearce Company will place the surname initial in the center. (ACB).< li>
      • Each product has a limit on the number of characters that can be engraved. You can ring Ann Marie's at 1-800-706-9993 for assistance.< li>< ul>
        We will confirm all your details by email or phone to ensure everything is done correctly and to your satisfaction.< span>< div>

        Please allow up to 4 weeks for engrav ing and delivery. (Rush options are available for an additional fee.)< p>

        If you have questions or special requests, please contact Ann Marie's at 800-706-9993.< p>

        < p>< div>

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