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Enveau Small Undulating Dish

Enveau Small Undulating Dish

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Souleo Provence
The clay used for each pottery of Provence comes from Entraigue sur Sorgue, a small village near Avignon, the former city of the Popes. A well-irrigated region, very fertile, at the confluence of the Rhone and the Durance rivers, where the Mistral wind blows… The forms date from the 19th century; they are obta ined through three techniques: turning, pressing and casting. They are called the inshards in.
After slow and natural drying, the first firing in the kiln gives resistance to the clay, the inbiscuit in is ready. It's time for the indecoration in, the flowers and the motifs are delicately pa inted by freehand, inspired by the colourful cottons and pr inted calicos of Provence.
Then beg ins the inenamelling in, and the second firing of the pottery of Provence: the decorated inbiscuits in are dipped one by one in enamel baths. The art of the fire will bring out the colours… F inally, taking them out of the kiln. This is always a moment for emotion! Product Dimensions: 5 ind x 2 inh
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