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Great Gift Ideas Inspired by England
Posted by Ann Marie on 12/4/2013 to European Gifts
Culturally, England is a fascinating country with an eye toward progress and the future, but it also has a rich history and traditions that stretch back for centuries. Accordingly, you have a similarly polarized array of options when you consider coffee and tea gift ideas inspired by the country. Choose between mementos that remind you of the past or more updated and modern gifts. 

If you decide that your primary interest is in England's rich cultural heritage, select a gift inspired by the country's history. For example, the Burleigh line of coffee and tea pottery presents a number of options. Select delicate, white teacups, saucers and serving pottery with decorations in traditional colors, such as plum, red and deep blue. Decorations themselves are often patterns of calico, florals and even pheasant designs.

If you want to choose a gift that is more representative of the country and where it is today, look for a more whimsical, modern type of gift. For example, the Emma Bridgewater line of pottery is full of bold, modern designs. Consider a set of mugs emblazoned around the rim with the word "coffee" or a set of teacups similarly decorated by the word "tea." Alternatively, look for serving dishes and sugar bowls that bear bright, geometric designs or even a repeating pattern of the Union Jack. 

Selecting England-themed coffee and tea gifts is a matter of deciding what aspect of the country you want to represent. If you are simply unable to decide or treasure it all equally, consider buying coffee or tea itself from an authentic British brand, such as PG Tips or Yorkshire Gold.
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