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Harney and Sons Tower of London Tea

Harney and Sons Tower of London Tea

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Harney and Son
30 sachets

Chinese black teas are stirred with pieces of dried stone fruit, then finish ed with oil of bergamot and honey flavor. This blend is rem iniscent of Elizabethan preserves, flavorful and tempting.< div>
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Few buildings have the history of the Tower of London. First it was a fort. Then it became the royal prison, so there were some unhappy endings here. It has even stored the Crown Jewels. So when Harney and Sons were commissioned by the Historic Royal Palaces to do a tea in honor of it, they took it seriously (who wants to do time there?) The color of the t in is inspired by amethyst.< div>
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Dry Leaves< th>The Chinese leaves are medium sized and black.< td>< tr>
Liquor< th>The liquor is medium to dark brown.< td>< tr>
Aroma< th>A wonderfully refreshing tea with fruity aromas and vanilla with undertones of honey.< td>< tr>
Caffeine Level< th>Caffe inated< td>< tr>
Body< th>A medium to strong body.< td>< tr>
Flavors< th>This tea is complicated, like the Tower itself. It has flavors similar to Earl Grey, Vanilla and Black Currant, and there is a touch of honey.< td>< tr>
Brewing Time< th>4 to 5 minutes< td>< tr>
Brewing Temperature< th>212° F< td>< tr>< tbody>< table>< div>< div>< div>
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