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How to Care for Your Ceramic Collectibles
Posted by Ann Marie on 12/2/2013 to News
Your ceramic pottery, dishes, figurines and other collectibles require proper care to ensure that they remain as beautiful as when you first acquire them for many years to come. Although some ceramics are sturdy pieces that withstand moderate use, other are extremely fragile. You must take care when washing, transporting and handling your collectibles. 

Many ceramic collectibles have delicate overglazes and gilding that tough scrubbing or dishwasher use too easily damages. Wash your collectibles by hand with a soft sponge and mild detergent. If possible, use only warm water to rinse the object in order to prevent damage to its delicate surface. Never place tape or sticker labels on your ceramics. Removing them often tears off thin surface layers and leaves a sticky residue that attracts dust.

When handling your ceramic collectibles, always use gloves to avoid getting fingerprints and residue on the pieces. Never use cotton gloves, which cause the ceramics to easily slip from your hands and break. Instead, use rubber or latex gloves, which provide a firm grip. If you plan to transport your collectibles, use thick layers of insulation to prevent breakage, and never stack ceramic dishes. Never expose your collectibles to temperature extremes, which cause cracking in clay ceramics. 

Whether you own stylish ceramic collectibles from Ann Marie's or antique pieces, use these tips to keep them in excellent condition. To ensure the safety of your ceramics, avoid placing them in the microwave or changing their temperature rapidly by placing them in a hot oven. As an extra measure of safety, keep your most treasured collectibles behind glass.
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