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Improve Your Memory by Drinking Green Tea
Posted by Ann Marie on 5/12/2014

Green tea is not just a refreshing drink, but this is also considered as a healthy beverage that can work wonders to one’s health. Originally grown and cultivated in China, this type of tea has become popular in different regions in the world valued for its taste and medical properties. And even though tea has been used for thousands of years, it is only recently that a number of researches and studies have been made to validate the standing of green tea as one of the most beneficial drinks around. It has been researched that green tea can help a person lose weight, promote a healthier heart and even works against food poisoning and bad breath.

Now, you can add another health benefit associated with drinking green tea on a regular basis. According to one landmark study, drinking green tea can help boost your cognitive functions.

Green tea extract lets you boost your memory

According to the study conducted by researchers at the University of Basel, the participants who drank the beverage with green tea performed well on memory tests. There were two groups involved in the study- the first one was given a drink with 27.5 grams of green tea extract and the other, whey protein drink with green tea flavoring. The second group was not informed about the drinks served to them. As soon as the experiment was completed, it was discovered that those who drank green tea showed better cognitive performance. But keep in mind that green tea extract was used for the experiment. And in order to get the same results, its recommended to get drink multiple cups of green tea on a regular basis.

Now, this isn't much of a problem since green tea has been considered a refreshing drink. Drinking green tea will not just cap your meal but will also provide you with a cooling effect at the end of a tiring day. There are different creative recipes for green tea, including citrus mint iced tea and other refreshing green tea-based iced teas.

So the next time you need a refreshing drink or a drink to cap conversations, its best to go for green tea. With green tea, you don’t just provide your body with refreshment but can also help your brain perform better!

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