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Mouth Blown Glassware

Juliska Mouth Blown Glass

Each piece of Juliska glass is mouth-blown by artisans in the hills outside Prague. The skill to make the glass has been handed down through generations. No two pieces of Juliska are identical. You can describe it as magical, a step beyond other glassware.
Arabella Glassware
Hurricane, Candlesticks and Tea Light
Champagne Flutes
Bowls and Compotes
Cake Domes and Pedestals
Covered Urns
Hurricane, Candlesticks & Tea Light

Shop Juliska Imported Mouth Blown Glassware

Discover Juliska mouth-blown glassware, and choose from an assortment of delicate and beautiful pieces. Every piece of art is handmade and mouth blown by Prague artisans whose skills have been passed down for generations. You can rest assured that no two pieces of glassware are alike and that yours is a unique creation.

Choose your unique piece of Juliska glassware from one of several categories, including barware, stemware, vases, bowls, pitchers and even champagne flutes. In barware, you can choose from all the standard bar glasses or find an extra-special piece to complement your collection. An amazing variety of vases are available, from small to large. Pitchers are available in several styles. You can also find a variety of unique pieces to express your style and accent your decor.

No matter what glassware catches your fancy, you know that each piece is hand crafted and individually signed, making it your little piece of magic.