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Healthy Reasons to Enjoy Your Morning Cup o' Coffee
Posted by Ann Marie on 8/11/2014 to News
Coffee is a miraculous drink. Loaded with antioxidants and all sorts of nutrients, coffee is, when drunk properly, a very healthy treat.
10 Health Benefits of Jasmine – Green Tea
Posted by Ann Marie on 8/4/2014 to News
Jasmine is a flowering plant that can be found in tropical regions. When mixed with green tea leaves it becomes a magical elixir that I can’t live without.
The Advantages of Fair Trade Organic Coffees
Posted by Ann Marie on 12/10/2013 to News
Not all coffee varieties are created equally. For the best-tasting coffee that impacts the environment the least, choose fair trade, organic coffees. There are flavors and options for every taste palette, so purchase a coffee that you enjoy. While their price is higher than that of regular, generic coffees, the advantages these coffees present are well-worth the extra cost.
How to Care for Your Ceramic Collectibles
Posted by Ann Marie on 12/2/2013 to News
Your ceramic pottery, dishes, figurines and other collectibles require proper care to ensure that they remain as beautiful as when you first acquire them for many years to come. Although some ceramics are sturdy pieces that withstand moderate use, other are extremely fragile. You must take care when washing, transporting and handling your collectibles.
Perfect Gift Choices for Coworkers
Posted by Ann Marie on 11/29/2013 to News
There will be times when you want to get a gift for a coworker, such as for a birthday, after a special announcement like a marriage or a pregnancy or when a coworker is awarded or promoted. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift, especially when you do not know a lot about your coworker. There are some gift options that are relatively neutral and will work for just about anyone.
Why You Should Choose Ceramic Dinnerware
Posted by Ann Marie on 11/27/2013 to News
Ceramic dinnerware has been around for a very long time and there are many advantages associated with using this type of dinnerware. This type of dinnerware appears dainty and thin, but it is very durable and it is often very unique. There are many reasons why you should use ceramic dinnerware, but a few reasons far outweigh the others.
Advantages of Using a Wedding Registry
Posted by Ann Marie on 11/25/2013 to News
On your wedding day, gifts will probably be the last thing on your mind, but they are a tradition and your guests will surely bring them. However, some couples are just not easy to buy for and this is where a wedding registry comes into play. You can register at one or more stores and this helps to narrow down the gift choices for your guests and it helps you and your soon-to-be-spouse get the things that you need to start your life together.
Vintage Style Kitchen Papers
Posted by Ann Marie on 4/9/2012 to News
More new things at Ann Marie's storel
New at the Store
Posted by Ann Marie on 4/2/2012 to News
Tokyo Milk and Knobstoppers
Le Menu
Posted by Ann Marie on 2/27/2012 to Inspirations
Farewell, Swiss Riviera
First Stop Switzerland
Posted by Ann Marie on 2/23/2012 to Inspirations
Off to see a bit of the world...Switzerland and Italy.

Greetings from the road.  Our first adventure stop was Zurich where we landed and took the train via Lausanne to Vivey where we're visiting my husband's Swiss family.

Month for LOVE
Posted by Ann Marie on 2/3/2012 to News
Ann Marie's is the perfect place to find something special for that someone special. Visit or visit our store in Minocqua.
Christmas Delivery Schedule
Posted by Ann Marie on 12/13/2011 to News
Time is running short to order in time for Christmas Delivery. For Guaranteed Christmas Delivery, Order by December 16 for by UPS Ground, by December 21 for 2-Day Air and by December 22 for 1-Day Air.
Holiday Shipping
Posted by Ann Marie on 12/12/2011 to News
Beautiful Gifts still available. Gmundner 10% to see coupon.
Ann Marie's Loyalty Rewards
Posted by Ann Marie on 12/1/2011 to News
Ann Marie's Loyalty Rewards
New Spiced Plum Tea from Republic of Tea
Posted by Ann Marie on 11/21/2011 to News

Spiced Plum Tea. Sip this green tea and let the spirit of the holiday dance in your head.

New Handbags at Ann Marie's Garden Shop
Posted by Ann Marie on 10/14/2011 to News
New Suede and Leather Olympia Handbags


European Gifts

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