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Types of Teas and their Tastiness
Posted by Ann on 4/29/2014

While all true teas grow from the same main plant family, their tastes and characteristics vary based on the region and time of year in which they were grown. The flavor of a particular tea leaf can also be affected by qualities like when they are picked and how they are processed. Three of the main types of teas are white, green, and black. While they are still beverages that bear the tea label, such as mate, rooibos, and herbal, they do not actually come from the camellia plant as traditional teas do.

White Tea

White tea remains loved by tea connoisseurs because it is one of the least processed types of tea. White tea is brewed from the leaves and buds of the camellia plant in a process that involves steaming and drying the leaves. This type of tea maintains a subtle but natural sweetness that many find to be refreshing. White tea can be enjoyed warm or chilled and is often brewed with the accompaniment of fruits and berries.

Green Tea

Green tea is probably one of the most common types of tea. The process of preparing green tea leaves includes a heat treatment portion designed to halt fermentation in the loose green tea leaves. Green tea was first discovered in China and was only enjoyed by the wealthiest members of society. Over centuries, it has gained popularity and is available all over the world. Chinese and Japanese green tea are the most popular types and differ in color and taste.

Black Tea

Black tea is made in a slightly different way than green and white teas. It goes through a long fermentation process that uses withered and rolled tea leaves. The preparation that black tea undergoes results in a very rich and distinct flavor that make this type of tea so popular. Flavored black teas are gaining popularity and feature additives such as mint and cocoa. These sweeter versions are popular as dessert teas.

These three types of make up the majority of true teas. Many people do not realize that they are all derived from the same plant. Finding the type of tea that you prefer is made even more interesting when you realize the characteristics that cause differences in taste. Ann Marie offers a great selection of traditional teas in each of these categories, as well as, similar herbal infusions.

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