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Olives, Olive Oils and Vinegars
Rice, Pasta and Bread
Truffles- Salt and Honey and More
Marmalades, Jellies and Jams
Ann Marie spent her childhood in Europe, soaking up the culture, the traditions, the sights, smells and tastes of the Old Country. The authenticity and diversity of the food and drink were ingrained in her soul early on, and she dedicated herself to introducing that Continental flair to her friends all across America. After all, each of us have a little Europe inside of us, and if we don't, then the goodies in this section should remedy that.

Ann Marie's gourmet food collection is picked directly from the finest that the Mediterranean has to offer. Choose from mouth-watering treats like genuine garlic roasting oils and balsamic vinegars to add to your recipes, plus dolci, pestos and a bakery full of Italian breads and pastas. For the highly refined sweet tooth, we also carry a fabulous selection of Marmalade, Jellies and Jams for your snack-spreading pleasure. Take a stroll through the different gourmet food areas below to find all your favorites, or order by phone at 800-706-9993.