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Classic Patterns

Classic A is the base category ranging from 1-3 colors in the traditional peacock patterns or simple designs. A patterns are also known as traditional or factory patterns. ~ Ann Marie  

Classic Bunzlauer Ware & Boleslawiec Polish Pottery Patterns

Potters have worked in the region of southwestern Poland near its borders with Germany and the Czech Republic at least since the 7th century of the Common Era. The Silesian city of Boleslawiec, called Miasto Ceramiki or the City of Ceramics, gives both its Polish and German names to a distinctive type of pottery: Ceramika bolesławiecka or Bunzlauer ware. This brightly colored earthenware in distinctive diaper patterns gives a folk art aura to the most modern of dining tables.

Ann Marie markets three piece place settings in each of four "classic patterns." The first features a ring of tulips on white in a field of targets on dark blue. The second has green leaves arranged like the spokes of a wheel on a white band against the same targets. The third is adorned with five-petaled blue flowers on an outer white band, with an inner blue area patterned with white dots, and a blue rim around it all. The last set is similar, but with a less dense pattern of interlocking curlicues taking the place of the dots. Any of the four patterns makes a delightful choice for a breakfast or lunch table or for casual entertaining. Browse our collection and choose the one with the most appeal, or mix and match all four for a true folk art look.