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Black Felicity and Black Gentian, Retired

Black Felicity & Black Gentian retired

Hurry to take advantage of our last few pieces of the Burleigh's lovely black patterns. I think they look great mixed with our Emma Bridgewater Black Toast & Marmalade. We hope the charming Burleigh Pottery black patterns will return someday. ~ Ann Marie

Shop Burleigh Black Felicity & Black Gentian Collection at Ann Marie's

Ann Marie's sets the standard for products that assist you with living the most gracious lifestyle possible. Whether you hold fine dining parties in your home, Sunday brunches for the neighbors or host tea time for your social club, Ann Marie's has the products you need to set the best impression possible.

The Black Felicity burleigh collection from Ann Marie's is perfect if you want to make an impression with your tea before anyone even tastes it. These cups, saucers and teapots feature a white ceramic background adorned with a unique black flower pattern. Teapots are available in two different sizes so you can make the perfect amount of tea to accommodate the number of guests at your party.

Even if you are not striving to impress the company, these tea sets are constructed with the finest ceramics and are sure to last for generations in your family due to their chip-resistant structure. Display these tea sets as the centerpiece on a table or in your family's china cabinet whey they are not in use.