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During Ann Marie's European travels, she learned so much about style, comfort and the strength of family. She also discovered that life is a little better when you indulge yourself from time to time with a little bit of decadence. Now, you can experience a touch of epicurean elegance any time you want, with our collection of gourmet food and drink delivered straight from Europe.

Our selection of gourmet rice, pasta & bread can turn any meal into a special culinary experience, whether it is for a special gathering or just spoiling your family with the good things in life. Choose from delicious items like the Porcini Fettucini or the Pappardelle Egg Pasta, or for that elegant touch, the rich artisanal Balsamic Panettone from Acetaia Leonardi is the perfect after-meal treat. Choose your favorites culinary delights below to get started, and don't forget to check out all of our other gourmet food sections as well. You and your family deserve the best, and Ann Marie's setting the table!

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Orecchiette Pasta
Orecchiette Pasta
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