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Ann Marie Loyalty Rewards
Rewards Points
Ann Marie's awards 1 point for every 2 dollars spent at At this time, rewards points earned online are available for online purchases only. Purchases made in store will not accumulate online points at this time. The store maintains separate rewards for our in-store customers and redeemable only in our store in Mincoqua, WI.
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Viewing and Redeeming your Points Ann Marie's

To view and redeem your points, login to your account page and scroll to My Rewards. Here you can see the details of your point history and/or redeem your points.

You can only redeem points from your account page. You cannot add items to your shopping cart and pay for them with points. You can however redeem your points for a gift card and use that gift card to purchase any item at

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Loyalty Rewards Gift Cards
Points accumulated at may only be redeemed at At this time, points are not transferable to

Once your points are redeemed for a gift card, the gift card will automatically be sent to the e-mail address on your account. If you do not have access to that account, please enter a valid e-mail address in your account settings before redeeming your points. 

Gift cards contain a unique redemption code. Please protect the code that you are issued. Ann Marie's cannot be responsible for any unauthorized use of your gift card code.

If you would like an Ann Marie's note card to give the code to someone else, please contact our customer service representative via our contact us page.

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