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Retired Pieces

Animal Landscape
Blue Peony
Blue Vine
Kilfane Rose
Old Rose
Pink Peony
Red Tulip
Wild Flower Meadow

Shop Nicholas Mosse Retired Patterns & Pieces at Ann Marie's

Nicholas Mosse has been creating beautiful pottery with a reputation for excellence in design and craftsmanship for many years. If you saw a beautiful piece in the past but were unable to add it to your collection, all hope may not be lost. Our extensive catalog of retired Nicholas Mosse pieces features many past favorites, giving you the opportunity to complete a collection or to grab up that beautiful treasure you once let slip between your fingers. All the most popular designs are included in the collection. Floral prints include blue tulips, daisies, Kilfane roses, pansies, pink peonies, wild flower meadows, blue peonies, dahlias and old roses. For the holidays, poinsettias are available. Rustic fruits like pears, strawberries, blueberries, apples and cherries are perfect for any buffet setting. Animal landscapes will transport you to the Irish countryside that inspired them. Check out our catalog to find the piece that your collection is missing!