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Ann Marie's - Product Index
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Picnic Md Tumbler Clear
Picnic Sm Tumbler Clear
Pierre Poivre N.7
Pietra Canisters Set 3
Pietra Large Canister
Pietra Large Covered Urn with Leaves
Pietra Medium Canister
Pietra Natural Large Pitcher with Leaf Handle
Pietra Oval Footed Fruitbowl with Leaves
Pietra Round Footed Fruitbowl with Leaves
Pietra Small Covered Urn with Leaves
Pietra Small Canister
Pietra Small Pitcher with Leaf Handles
Pig Ornament, Red
Pig with Stripes, Med
Pig with Wings Ornament Assort
Pig, Large Pink
Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Breakfast Cup & Saucer
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Cake Plate
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Cow Creamer Boxed
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Dessert Plate
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Dinner Plate
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Fruit Bowl Medium
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Large Sugar Bowl
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Large Teapot
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Lunch Plate
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Mini Tankard
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Sandringham Mug
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Small Dutch Jug
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Small Sugar Bowl
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Small Teapot
Pink Egg 1/2 Pint Mug
Pink Egg Dove Candle
Pink Hearts Baby Mug
Pink Hearts Coffee Storage Jar
Pink Hearts Melamine Plate
Pink Hearts Milk Jug
Pink Hearts Mummy 1/2 Pint Mug
Pink Hearts Round Caddy
Pink Hearts Soup Plate Retired
Pink Hearts Stationery Box
Pink Hearts Sugar Storage Jar
Pink Hearts Tea Storage Jar
Pink Hearts Teacup & Saucer NEW
Pink Peony 60 x 108 Tablecloth
Pink Peony 60 x 90 Tablecloth
Pink Peony Large Square Plate - RETIRED
Pink Peony Medium Square Plate
Pink Peony Small Square Bowl - RETIRED
Pink Peony Small Square Plate
Pink Wallpaper Heart Candle
Pink Wallpaper 2-Handled Vase
Pink Wallpaper Be Mine 1/2 Pint Mug
Pink Wallpaper Ink Vase
Pink Wallpaper Mum Dove Candle
Pink Wallpaper Set 2 Fluted Bolws
Pirates Baby Mug
Pirates Egg Cup
Pivoine Fuchsia Kitchen Towel
Pixy Tree Folded Card
Plaid Daddy Gift Packaging
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Breakfast Cup & Saucer
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Cereal Bowl
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Chinese Bowl - Med
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Cow Creamer BOXED
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Dessert Accent Plate
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Dessert Plate
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Dinner Plate
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Footed Mug
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Large Sugar Bowl
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Large Teapot
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Sandwich Tray
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Small Rice/Sugar Bowl
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Small Teapot
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Tea Cup & Saucer
Plum Prunus 1/2 Pint Tankard Jug
Plum Prunus Breakfast Cup & Saucer
Plum Prunus Cereal Bowl
Plum Prunus Cow Creamer
Plum Prunus Decorative Dinner Plate
Plum Prunus Large Teapot
Plum Prunus Lunch Plate 9"
Plum Prunus Sandwich Tray
Plum Prunus Small Teapot
Plum Prunus Tea Cup & Saucer
Polar Bear Medium Polar Bear, Gift Box
Polar Bear n a Snowstorm Baby Mug
Polar Bear Small Polar Bear, Gift Box
Polar Bear Soft
Polka Dot "Wooden Spoons" Jar
Polka Dot 1/2 Pint Jug
Polka Dot 1/2 Pint Mug
Polka Dot 2 Pint Storage Jar "Flour"
Polka Dot 4 Cup Teapot
Polka Dot Baby Mug
Polka Dot Best Baker, MED
Polka Dot Biscuit Barrel
Polka Dot Blue Casserole Dish
Polka Dot Blue Utensil Pot
Polka Dot Butter Dish
Polka Dot Casserole Dish
Polka Dot Chicken Door Stop
Polka Dot Christmas With You Oval Platter
Polka Dot Cocoa Mug
Polka Dot Coffee Storage Jar
Polka Dot Delicious Heart Baker
Polka Dot Dinner Plate
Polka Dot Egg Cup
Polka Dot Espresso Cup & Saucer Set
Polka Dot Fluted Dish
Polka Dot French Bowl
Polka Dot Living the Dream Tea Towel
Polka Dot Lunch Plate
Polka Dot Magazine Bag
Polka Dot Measuring Jug
Polka Dot Medium Rectangular Baking Dish
Polka Dot Melamine Beaker
Polka Dot Melamine Bowl
Polka Dot Melamine Plate
Polka Dot Mince Pies 8.5" Plate
Polka Dot Mini Mug Candle
Polka Dot Mini Mug Candle Set
Polka Dot Mix Set of 3 Egg Cups
Polka Dot Pancakes for Breakfast Tea Towel
Polka Dot Pasta Bowl
Polka Dot Ramekin Set/3 Boxed
Polka Dot Round Caddy
Polka Dot Round Cake Tins Set/3
Polka Dot Salad Bowl
Polka Dot Set of 2 Filled Mini Mugs Boxed
Polka Dot Side Plate
Polka Dot Soup Plate
Polka Dot Square Cake Tins Set/3
Polka Dot Sugar Pot
Polka Dot Sugar Storage Jar
Polka Dot Tall Tin
Polka Dot Tea Storage Jar
Polka Dot Text Cake Plate
Polka Dot Tin Plate
Polka Dot Tin Tray
Polka Dot Water Jug
Polka Dot Yellow Large Baker
Polka Heart GRANDAD 1/2 Pint Mug RETIRED
Polka Heart DAD 1/2 Pint Mug RETIRED
Polka Heart DADDY 1/2 Pint Mug
Polka Heart Just Married Cake Plate
Polka Heart Mummy 1/2 Pint Mug
Polka Hearts Christmas With You 1/2 Pint Mug
Polka Hearts Just Married Teapot
Polka Hearts Mr & Mrs Four Cup Teapot
Polka Hearts Round Caddy
Polka Pansy 1 1/2 Pint Jug
Polka Pansy Dove Candle
Polka Pansy Medium Vase
Polka Pansy Small Vase
Pomegranate Green Tea
Pony 8 Lunch Plate
Pony Dinner Plate
Pony Large Mug
Pony Lidded Sugar Pot
Pony Lunch Plate
Pony Medium Bowl
Pony Medium Jug
Pony Salt & Pepper Shakers
Pony Side Plate
Pony Small Bowl
Pony Small Cylinder Jug
Pony Small Mug
Pony Tiny Bowl
Pony Tiny Jug
Pony Tiny Plate
Portuguese Salt & Pepper Set
Potiron Rouille (Pumpkin)Tea Towel
Potters Crackers Six Seed Flatbread
Pretzel Ornament, Brown Med , 1 each
Pretzel Ornament, Brown, LG, 1 each
Pretzel Ornament, Med Assort, 1 each
Pretzel Ornament, Red Large, 1 each
Prince Rattle
Princess Rattle
PROVENCE Lavande KITCHEN TOWEL - 100% cotton
Pug 1/2 Pint Mug
Pumpkin Spice Coffee
Pure Romance Vase Small
Pure Vermont Evergreen Tree
Quattro Stagioni Tea Towel
Quince and Apple Apples and Cranberry Jam
Quince and Apple Fig and Black Tea Jam
Quince and Apple Shallot Confit with Red Wine Jam
Quince and Apple Tart Cherry and White Tea Jam
Quotidien 5pc Setting White Truffle
Quotidien Berry Bowl White Truffle
Quotidien Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl White Truffle
Quotidien Charger/Server Plate White Truffle
Quotidien Dessert/Salad Plate White Truffle
Quotidien Dinner Plate White Truffle
Quotidien Lg Covered Casserole White Truffle
Quotidien Lg Oval Platter White Truffle
Quotidien Lg Pitcher White Truffle
Quotidien Lg Serving Bowl White Truffle
Quotidien Lidded Sugar Bowl White Truffle
Quotidien Md Covered Casserole White Truffle
Quotidien Md Oval Platter White Truffle
Quotidien Md Serving Bowl White Truffle
Quotidien Mug White Truffle
Quotidien Ramekin White Truffle
Quotidien Saucer White Truffle
Quotidien Side Plate White Truffle
Quotidien Sm Pitcher/Creamer White Truffle
Quotidien Tea/Coffee Cup White Truffle
R Wood Antipasto Platter
R Wood Butter Plate
R Wood Dipping Bowl
R Wood Lunch Plate
R Wood Oval Platter
R Wood Pasta Plate
R Wood Rice Bowl
R Wood Saucer
R Wood Scalloped Large Bowl
R Wood Scalloped Platter
R Wood Small Everything Bowl
R Wood Small Leaf Saucer
R Wood Sushi Plate
R Wood Tall Latte Cup
Rabbit 1/2 Pint Mug
Rabbit and Hare Set/2 Mugs
Rabbit in Hat
Radis Rose Kitchen Towel
Raffaellesco Fruit Stand
Raffaellesco Pitcher
Raggio Napkin
Raggio Placemat
Raggio Tablecloth
Rampini Round Picture Frame
Rampini Small Round Frame
Raso/Folia Napkin
Raspberry Jalapeno Jam
Red Calico 1 Pint Tankard Jug
Red Calico 1/2 Pint Dutch Jug
Red Calico 1/2 Pint Tankard Jug
Red Calico 10" Rectangular Dish
Red Calico 13.5" Rectangular Dish
Red Calico Breakfast Cup & Saucer
Red Calico Cake Plate
Red Calico Cheese Round
Red Calico Chinese Bowl
Red Calico Cow Creamer
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