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Republic of Tea

When you shop at Ann Marie's, you know you'll find a magical collection of amazing handcrafted treasures from Europe and around the world. Since growing up overseas, Ann Marie has dedicated herself to delivering European ceramics, glassware, linens and so much more right to your home, so your family can enjoy them every day. You can shop by country, by keyword, or just take a relaxing browse wherever your mouse clicks lead you, and you're sure to not only find amazing treats for yourself, but fabulously thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.

As part of our gourmet cuisine selection, our collection from the Republic of Tea is the perfect answer to cold rainy days or relaxing evenings on the front porch. The selection features a wide range of taste temptations like Wild Blueberry, Pineapple Ginger Green Tea and more, in ground and tea bag styles to fit your favorite brew. It's the little things in life that bring us the most enjoyment, and a sip from the Republic of Tea is 100 percent enjoyment! Click below to order all of your favorite gourmet teas today!