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A beautiful garden pattern with dainty flowers, much like Scattered Blooms. Each peice is trimmed in reddish-pink and adorned with a floral bouquet. ~ Ann Marie
Biedermeier 2 items
Biedermeier Canister
Biedermeier Canister
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Biedermeier Mocha Cup  and  Saucer
Biedermeier Mocha Cup and Saucer
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Biedermeier pottery and dinner ware has a delicate and feminine quality that can feel right at home at a brunch table or a tea service. However, itís simple yet stylish design can also sit in the spotlight at a casual dinner with family or a formal brunch with friends. The dainty floral design is beautiful in its simplicity. You can select a few key pieces to complement your service, such as tea cups and saucers, or you can outfit your whole table with the design. The pieces are beautiful enough to display on their own on a wall shelf or in a china cabinet, as well. Because the pieces are made of the finest materials, you can also expect to enjoy them for many years to come. Get your collection started today, or treat a loved one to a beautiful jug, canister or other statement piece.