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Italy on Sale

Ann Marie spent her youth being exposed to all of Europe's most incredible artists and craftsmen, as well as the comfort and distinctiveness in culture that each country provided. Now, Ann Marie wants to make sure that, even if you didn't grow up in Europe, you can still appreciate all of those wonders for yourself in your own home. That's why Ann Marie's offers such a wide range of phenomenal ceramics, blown glass, woven linens and so much more, because perspectives were meant to be widened, and the world becomes a much smaller place with each new experience.

The only way to improve on Italy's finest ceramic and porcelain homewares is to make them even more affordable, and in our Shop Italy on Sale section, you can find amazing gifts for you or someone special, and save money in the process. Browse through our imported Italian items below to find the perfect addition to your home, and if you ever need any assistance with your order, or just have a question on the product lines we carry, we welcome your call during normal business hours at 715-356-1515.