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Patricia Locke


Hand-crafted jewelry from Patricia Locke is truly something special. You will find a beautiful piece to fit many occasions. Handmade in America by a truly talented and collectable artist.

The jewelry you wear is an expression of your individuality and if you love costume jewelry in a vintage style, you will adore the Patricia Locke designs that Ann Marie has selected for her customers. These beautifully crafted pieces with their ambiance of romantic novels or even fairy tales are the perfect accessory for a woman who is not afraid to step just a little bit beyond.

Patricia Locke's wire loop earrings come with single large stones in varied settings and colors, and also in the Bloomsbury design, featuring tiny stones of several colors in a design that could complement a modern ingenue look or even a steampunk ensemble. Bracelets come in three styles from simple to elaborate, but it is the necklaces that demonstrate the unique vision of Locke's designs. From delicate Pippa and Floreal to the dangling pendants called simply "Avante-Garde," these are true works of art and powerful fashion statements.

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Hand-crafted jewelry from Patricia Locke are wonderful gifts for one's self or for a very special lady. Examine our selection, and then imagine the piece you like best worn by some special someone. Ordering from Ann Marie is simple, and your purchases will be shipped as soon as the transaction is completed.