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Since the early 1800's, Pichon Pottery located in Uzes, France has created timeless elegant pottery. My trip to Uzes, France years ago made me aware that the inspiration comes from the stunning beauty and historic nature of the town and surrounding area- Ann Marie
Blanc - White
Ceramic Woven Baskets
Dinner Chargers and Platters
Dinner Chargers & Platters
Ivorie - Cream
Jaune - Gold
Vert - Green

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Pichon á Uzes is a family-owned pottery factory located in the town of Uzes in the south of France. The pottery has been in operation since 1802. In the 19th century, Pichon was a stunning mixed-earth pottery similar to Apt ware, another well-known line crafted in the same region. Historically, different kinds of clay were mixed to achieve the gorgeous marbleized effects of the pieces. Usually the colors were earth tones, primarily cream, brown, green and red, and the finishes were either a high-shine or matte glaze. These pieces were typically signed, either using a pressed or acid-etched signature, and are highly prized collectors’ items.

The Pichon factory made decorative pottery and pieces for cooking until about the mid-20th century, when they switched their focus to tableware. Until that time, they used local, porous red clay and traditional glazes. In the mid-1950s, they began the tableware lines still being made today, using a finer, white clay and unleaded glazes in a wide range of lovely colors. The pottery is still primarily made by hand using traditional methods.

Today the Pichon collection is traditional and timeless, preserving generations of craftsmanship. Pichon pottery products include the classic woven ceramic baskets, charger plates and platters in typical Provençal style, plus several lines of beautifully crafted dinnerware, serving bowls, coffee sets, teapots and much more. Available colors include white, ivory, gold and green.