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Gmundner offers beautiful platters in a variety of designs and sizes to satisfy your entertaining needs. ~ Ann Marie
Platters 6 items
Hunter's Delight Classic Coupe Cake Platter 12.6
Hunter's Delight Classic Coupe Cake Platter 12.6" RETIRED
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Your Price: $237.00
Alpine Flowers Gourmet Charger 11
Alpine Flowers Gourmet Charger 11"
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Your Price: $99.00
Green Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 15
Green Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 15" x 12.2
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Your Price: $101.00
 Red Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 15
Red Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 15"
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Your Price: $101.00
Grey Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 11
Grey Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 11" x 8.3"
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Your Price: $67.00
Green Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 13
Green Deer (Stag) Oval Platter 13" x 10.2"
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Your Price: $101.00

Shop Imported Austrian Gmundner Keramik Platters at Ann Marie's

A good set of serving Gmundner Keramik platters can set the tone for a formal dinner party or a holiday celebration. The beautiful Gmundner Keramik designs can provide the perfect frame for the food you have worked so diligently to prepare for your special guests, helping to put it in its best light and appear even more beautiful and appetizing itself. The Gmundner line of dinner ware includes many beautiful serving platters that would look beautiful on your holiday table or at your next dinner party. Simple designs like the Vertigo Green Flame, which includes a series of spirals, can be used at any time of year. The Scattered Blooms design is perfect for the spring, while the Hunter Classic may be left to your interpretation. Choose from one of these designs to create a frame for your holiday turkey or pot roast or to provide a beautiful border for a beautiful cake or pie.