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Estrela de Conimbriga, 17th Century

Shop Estrela de Conimbriga Portuguese Pottery

Whether it's Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Dinner, the most important piece of serving ware in the American home on any given holiday is the platter. The Portuguese firm Estrela de Conimbriga produces a line of platters perfect for holiday gatherings, and Ann Marie is pleased to make them available to the American public.

Reproductions of 17th Century Platters, these platters are hand-made by the artisans at the Estrela de Conimbriga factory. The 14 inch by 10 inch platter comes in a tripartite design with an elegant scrolling border. The larger 18 inch by 15 inch platters include one design with a medallion patterned border and another with a design that alludes to a landscape.

When you pick a platter for your holiday bird or for everyday meals from Ann Marie's Estrela de Conimbriga collection, you know that the platter will get complements even after the main course has been consumed.