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Tea for the tea lover.


Fine Tea & Specialty Teas from Around the World

Established in 1989 and located in the quaint town of Minoqua, Wisconsin, Ann Marie’s is a family owned business that offers a variety of the world's finest teas along with pleasant sincere customer service.

Ann Marie's has a variety of different teas to fit the needs of everyone. There is black tea, white tea, green tea, the tradition Chinese oolong tea, and decaf tea for those looking to cut down on the caffeine. There is also herbal tea for those looking to relax with a variety of blends such as coconut chai, le hammeau (which is organic lemongrass blended with sage, mint, and rose petals), majorelle mint, peppermint, and yerba mate (which is the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay as a nutritious alternative to coffee.) Some of the favorite and recommended teas by the company are English breakfast tea, which is a blend of India, Ceylon, and China black leaf teas, Keemun superior black tea, which consists of premium black China tea, Irish breakfast tea, which is similar to English breakfast tea with the addition of gold tips, and the classic Earl Grey black tea.

In addition to teas, Ann Marie’s also offers tea accessories for customers. There are pint sized custom storage jars, gorgeous custom Pichon mugs and saucers, and stove top brewers small enough for customers to use as mugs when the tea is finished brewing. Ann Marie’s also has custom tiny spoons and dippers for purchase, teapots with creative designs on them, and tiny jugs and sugar and cream pots. For parents with little girls, Ann Marie’s sells custom Beatrix Potter set sets as well.

For those out there who love tea and are interested in culturing themselves, Ann Marie is the place to go. And for those living too far away, visit and check out all that they have to offer.