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Tea and Coffee Accessories

A good cup of tea can be just what you need to relax after a long day, or it can help bring you together with friends. Ann Marie’s is happy to help you enjoy the benefits of tea by offering you all the items you need for your tea service. Our catalog includes some of the finest hand-painted selection from the United Kingdom and Ireland, including from some of the most well-known designers. You can get everything you need, from the tea pots and cups to the creamers and infusers. You can charm guests with your lovely tea setting, or you can pamper yourself when you indulge in a cup of tea and some quiet time at the end of the day. We also sell items for a children’s tea service so that even the youngest members of your family can begin learning the joys of a lovely cup of tea.

Cream & Sugar
Pots & Cups
Spoons & Infusers
Children's Tea