A Little About Polish Pottery

Posted by Ann Marie on 7/22/2014 to European Gifts

For those in the know, Polish pottery can be a wonderful addition to any home. For those who may be new to this, or a casual fan of pottery, allow us to give you a little background and context with Polish pottery, especially what we offer at Ann Marie's.

Polish pottery is known for its strength and durability, as it is formed in a very intense fire and is created from opaque white clay, which combine to make the pottery durable and hard to crack or chip from normal use. The pottery is known by strong emphasis on white and royal or navy blue colors, and it is made mostly in the southwestern part of the country in a village known as Boleslawiec.

Boleslawiec pottery has dated back as far as the seventh century, but the modern pottery has been made since the 1600s, when the region was part of Germany. The area was turned over to Polish control in 1945 following the fall of Nazi Germany.

At Ann Marie's we carry the most vibrant patterns of Boleslawiec pottery, categorized into Artistic, Classic and DU patterns. We encourage you to check out our wonderful collection of fine Polish pottery and get a durable, long-lasting piece or practical art for your home. We believe you will be proud to own Boleslawiec pottery from Ann Marie's!

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