Advantages of Using a Wedding Registry

Posted by Ann Marie on 11/25/2013 to News

On your wedding day, gifts will probably be the last thing on your mind, but they are a tradition and your guests will surely bring them. However, some couples are just not easy to buy for and this is where a wedding registry comes into play. You can register at one or more stores and this helps to narrow down the gift choices for your guests and it helps you and your soon-to-be-spouse get the things that you need to start your life together.

Wedding Registries Save Time

Shopping for gifts can be very time consuming, but if you have a registry, your guests can easily see what you want and need and choose an item or two that is within their budget. This makes things very easy for them and can save them a lot of money too. Plus, if you are using an online registry, your guests can shop at any time of the day so it will also be highly convenient for them.

You Get What You Need

Bad gifts happen, but this is far less likely when you have a wedding registry. Your guests will be able to get a full list of the things that you and your spouse like so that they can avoid the guesswork and will not have to worry about getting you a bad gift. This also helps to avoid getting duplicate gifts because once a gift on the registry is purchased, it comes off so that other guests only see what has not yet been purchased.

Registries Can Be Edited

If you want to add items, or remove them, you can do this with a wedding registry. This will help if you find a few things that you learn that you will need. For example, before the wedding, if a shared appliance goes out, you can add this to the registry and one of your guests might get it. You probably do not want to put items on there that are too big and pricey, but it can be very helpful when getting those smaller necessary items.  

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