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Convivio Lidded Butter Dome

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5.6'' DIA x 3.9'' H

"Ann Marie's sells Italian handmade artisanal pewter tableware. Pewter is food safe and lead-free. Match Pewter boasts generation-long experience of Italian artisans. This signed kitchenware of classic timeless well-crafted pewter pieces is food safe, lead-free pewter, made by Italian artisans and FDA approved.

cleaning your pewter
Pewter tarnishes very slowly and requires almost no maintenance. To clean your pewter hand wash in warm water with a liquid dish soap. Be sure to dry the pewter completely, as water allowed to dry on pewter may cause spots. Any spots that appear can be easily removed by polishing or by gently rubbing the area in small circular motions with very fine "0000" steel wool.

Match pewter is handmade by artisans in Northern Italy. Each piece is made with a lead free alloy of tin, copper and antimony that is fda approved and food safe.

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