Could You Use the Services of an Online Concierge?

Posted by Ann Marie on 5/27/2014

A first blush, it may seem that you have no use for the services of an online concierge. After all, you hardly ever even speak to one when you stay in a nice hotel. However, the truth is that online concierges provide a great variety of services to a great number of people. And, that you may indeed need to hire one from time to time.

To determine whether or not you could use an online concierge, ask yourself the two simple questions below.

1.Are you an expert in whichever niche you are shopping?

If, you answered, “yes,” to this question, you don’t need a concierge. In fact, with your expertise, you could be one.

However, if, using Ann Marie’s store as an example, you are not conversant in, say, fine teas, you should at least consider hiring an online concierge to help you navigate the tea world, which, although all true teas (green, white, black, and oolong) come from the same plant, the magical Camellia sinensis, can be rather complex. If you are shopping for a tea connoisseur, an online concierge may become your most valuable ally.

2.Do You Enjoy Researching On Your Own?

If research is your thing, you probably do not need the services of an online concierge, though one could very well point you in the right direction.

But, if you do not like digging into new topics on your own or if you prefer learning at the feet of a learned one, hiring an online concierge could save you loads of time, stress, and even money. Think about trying to buy the perfect gift for an Italy-phile while the only thing you know about the Mediterranean nation is that the Olive Garden offers limitless bread sticks. In this type of situation, an online concierge would provide a very valuable service by educating you on the ins and outs of Abbiamo Tutto, Fortunata, Gourmet, Ubaldo Brazia, and Tessitura Pardi. With this kind of learned knowledge, you would be able to select a gift that pleases, surprises, and impresses.

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