Day 1 Florence

Posted by Ann Marie on 2/29/2012 to Inspirations
Before arriving to Florence on the train I was not sure if I would have the same sense of awe as the first 3 times I had already traveled there. Each time before I had new discoveries that spurred creativity, would I be not as inspired? I was wrong to even think!  From the first moment we arrived the art, the smells, the colors, the Italians, the traditions all step forward and say "this is life, this is history".   This is  my very first "this is so beautiful" event and it was a perfect one! Our boutique hotel, though small, inspired me with it's quaint elegance. From staying here I am motivated for a new look for our "Mediterranean Store" . The second was a short walk to the famous Florence Duomo.
Comfy in Cream

Breakfast with a tilt. Just like home.
Garden View
Vintage hall space
Duomo, March with no crowds!
Moon over Duomo

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