Distinctive R. Wood Ceramics

Posted by Ann Marie on 7/29/2014 to Inspirations
R. Wood Ceramics are absolutely and exquisitely simple and reflect much love and care that goes into making every piece. They are whimsical and playful, somewhat reminiscent of the ceramic ashtrays that children of a bygone era would make at summer camp for their parents. They are entirely distinctive and create an atmosphere of fun and satisfaction. They are suited to be mixed and matched, and look best when combined in a colorful combination.
In an old produce warehouse located in Athens, Georgia, Rebecca Wood started R.Wood studio. Since 1991, it has grown into one of the largest pottery studios in America, where each piece is still entirely made and painted by hand. Renowned for their luscious colors, simple shapes, and inspired by their southern surroundings, they also produce one-of-a kind pieces that are sought after by collectors. The artists at R.wood studio take great pleasure in making dishes they know will bring beauty and enjoyment to their customers for many years to come.
Uniquely Made
All R.Wood dishes continue to be made in Athens, Georgia from NC red clay (AKA terra cotta,) and hand-painted with up to as many as five coats of glazes. Each of their distinctive pieces is slab built by one of their expert artists’ hands, making each piece unique. The glaze is applied by hand, giving the pieces their rich and layered color.
Hearty and Practical
These creations are extremely durable and food-safe, being free of lead and cadmium. They are oven safe, but not microwave safe, as the red clay has iron in it, and the microwave will heat up the iron as it cooks. While dishwasher-cleaning is OK, it’s best to use a natural dish detergent. Hand washing is the recommended method of cleaning.
Selecting Your Dishes
Pick a color or shape that you particularly like, and the rest will simply fall into place. There’s no such thing as a mistake, with these lovely handmade heirlooms. The dinner plates, cereal bowls, latte cups and large bowls are among the most popular R.Wood creations. Often, people will mix and match their R.Wood ceramics. All of the colors are formulated to work well with one another, so again, you can’t go wrong.

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