Elevate Any Dish to Gourmet Status With Truffle Oil

Posted by Ann Marie on 6/18/2014

Although they are not pretty to look at, truffles are delicious and exotic. They are quite difficult to find and therefore expensive but one whiff of the sensual scent of truffles will help you understand why they are so highly regarded by chefs in any part of the world.

The Exotic Scent

Truffles have a very sensual and earthy scent. Many chefs even claim that truffles are an aphrodisiac since a small whiff of this delectable treat is heavenly. Truffle oil is usually a blend of different oils that are steeped for hours with pieces of truffles to infuse the oil with delicate flavor and scent. On its own they can be too intense and harsh. Truffle oil is not used for cooking but as finishing oil. Heating the oil can actually adulterate its flavor. Drizzle a few drops of this beautiful oil over meat dishes, soups or salads to elevate them to gourmet standard.

Using Truffle Oil

Truffles are available in black and white variety. Black truffles are the hardest to find and are often known as black gold because of how expensive they are. What tempts you first about truffle oil is the aroma. The exotic scent of truffle oil works by tempting the taste buds so they crave for a taste. Since the main ingredient in most truffle oils is olive oil, it is easy to infuse any entrée or appetizer with the scent and flavor of truffles.

There are dozens of great rabbit, pork, duck, chicken, beef and even vegetarian entrée recipes available using truffle oil. It also works equally well with egg dishes such as poached eggs and omelets for special Sunday brunches. For something truly unique, try making an after dinner truffle vodka for your next dinner party!

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