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Polish 4.5" Embossed Rolling Pin -Hearts

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Polish 4.5" Embossed Rolling Pin
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The 4.5" Embossing Rolling Pin decorates your cakes but also helps you decorate your DIYs and projects. The 4.5-inch laser cut embossing technique used to feature a delicate pattern of folk dancers presenting a traditional floral style found in fabrics and traditional costume across Eastern Europe. The whimsical flowers arranged on this 4.5-inch X 2-inch roller bring joy and a lightheartedness to any DIYer. This ornate baking tool will add a sense of elegance to your simple fondants. The non-stick surface and clean lines make this roller a smart choice of giftable item as it can be customized for corporate gifting and family reunions.

Here are the details for use and care:

Rolling Instructions:

• Roll dough out with regular rolling pin to 4mm 
• Emboss with one roll of medium pressure. If you get dough in your roller, apply less pressure 
• Begin rolling 1 inch from the dough bottom edge to help avoid dough rolling up with the pin 
• Cut away non embossed dough and repeat

Care Instructions:

• Prior to first use, apply oil such as wood oil, vegetable, olive, flax etc. 
• Clean with stiff bristled brush 
• Soap and water when necessary 
• Pat thoroughly dry 
• Re oil as needed.

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