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4.5" Embossing Rolling Pin Peacock

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4.5" Embossing Rolling Pin Peacock
Part Number: SEP-082 PEACOCK

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The 4.5" Embossing Rolling Pin Peacock features beautiful peacock design all over the 4.5-inch x 2-inch roller pin. Using the laser cut technique, this roller help you to create attractive and eye-catching textures on your pastries and cookies. Shows off your inner artist with these showy peacocks and embellished motifs reminiscent of classic folk art. This ornate and joyful piece of bakery aid is also a perfect gift for your dear ones and can be customized for corporate and family gifting. Bring out your inner creativity and roll all your fondants and gum pastes with this easy-to-roll pin embossed with gorgeous peacock pattern from tip to tip.

Here are The Details For Use And Care.

Rolling Instructions:

Roll dough out with regular rolling pin to 4mm
Emboss with one roll of medium pressure. If you get dough in your roller, apply less pressure
 Begin rolling 1 inch from the dough bottom edge to help avoid dough rolling up with the pin
 Cut away non embossed dough and repeat

Care Instructions:

Prior to first use, apply oil such as wood oil, vegetable, olive, flax etc.
 Clean with stiff bristled brush
Soap and water when necessary
Pat thoroughly dry
Re oil as needed.

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