Four Lifestyle Choices Americans Can Steal from Europeans

Posted by Ann Marie on 12/18/2014

I love being American. I love living in the states and am proud of what America is and what our nation stands for. Now, with that said, I have got to admit that there is plenty we can learn from the average European about living life.  

Walking, Biking

While this probably is not just a Euro thing since I’ve noticed the same thing in Asia and South America, but Europeans walk and bicycle much more than we do. Travel through any major city or rural township in Europe and you will see thousands of people on feet or two people-powered wheels each and every day. This simply is not the case in the U.S. of A. where most of us get about in our private vehicles. While I love the freedom having a car gives me, I do know that walking and biking more would do me good. How about you?

Smaller Portions

Restaurants and cafes in Europe serve much smaller portions than do most eating spots here. In fact, I finally got so fed up a few years back with feeling so full and sluggish after eating out in the US, that I now box up half of my ordered meals as soon as they came to the table.

Better Cheese

I’ll be the first to say that we’ve got some great cheeses in America. However, simply because it is illegal in much of the US to sell unpasteurized dairy products we do not have access to the wide range of cheeses that our Euro friends have. I guess this is not a lifestyle choice we Americans can make. However, it is something we can write to our lawmakers about.

Relaxed Pace

Europeans go through life at a slower pace than many of us do. Some of this is probably the result of them having 35 or more vacation days a year. Though it is somewhat challenging to get a midday meal after 2pm in many rural villages in Europe thanks to their laid back attitudes, it is also refreshing to be in such a relaxed world 24/7.

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