Faienceries d'Art de Malicorne Pottery

The workshop of Faienceries dArt de Malicorne, which translates to "The artistic pottery of Malicorne," is located in the village of Malicorne-sur-Sarthe. There, the master potters and local artisans have been creating some of the world's most beautiful and distinctive pottery and china since 1747. From the handcrafting process to the hand-painting of each individual piece, the traditions that Faienceries dArt de Malicorne was founded on are still practiced today. The pride of the Faienceries dArt de Malicorne line of tableware is the Mille Fleurs, or "A thousand flowers" series of collectible pottery. Each piece features instant smile gratification in the form of tiny colorful flowers and their trademark scalloped edges.
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