First Stop Switzerland

Posted by Ann Marie on 2/23/2012 to Inspirations
Greetings from the road.  Our first adventure stop was Zurich where we landed and took the train via Lausanne to Vivey where we're visiting my husband's Swiss family.  Before boarding the train, we had to stop and get our favorite snack for the trip...

...Swiss Pretzel Sandwiches

One of Switzerland's main languages is French, so I feel totally immersed in French sensibilities without actually being in France.  However, from my brother-in-law's window I can view France across Lake Geneva.  The lights of Evian (you know the water!) can be seen on clear evenings.

I am not sure if other retailers find this true, but without the inspiration of travel and family, I don't think I could bring such lovely things to my customers.  Just viewing the landscape of Switzerland through the train window gives me a fresh perspective and rejuvinates my mind and soul.   

We arrived in the Canton Vaud and are staying near the historic city of  Lausanne.  
Surrounded by vineyards!

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