Giving the Gift of Tea

Posted by Ann Marie on 12/24/2013 to European Gifts
Nothing is more appreciated than a beautiful food basket, brimming with delicious edibles that one can enjoy over time. Tucked within these baskets are often long-lasting accompaniments that serve as reminders of the contents within long after they are gone. This may include pottery, linens and other accessories. One of the finest choices for a gift of food is tea.

The history of tea dates to the Shang Dynasty in 1500 BC. Since that time, it has only grown in appeal. Tea is viewed as an elegant, sophisticated drink that can be enjoyed by anyone. Likewise, tea has health benefits. It has antioxidants, which are thought to lower the risk of certain types of cancers. It is said to lower cholesterol and heart disease. It is also a relaxing drink that can calm the mind and spirit. In short, tea is arguably the perfect drink.

Giving the gift of tea should start with a teapot. Choose from a selection of beautiful teapots that match the recipient's decor or personal style. If the recipient already has a beloved teapot, consider purchasing single tea cups, cream and sugar pots or gorgeous tea spoons that are both decorative and utilitarian. 

Along with the tea accessories, an assortment of tea is in order. Decide upon the types of tea to include according to the recipient's preferences as well as the occasion. A holiday gift might include a blend that is flavored with cinnamon and cloves. A recipient that is very health conscious may enjoy a green tea like matcha. Those who are new to tea should receive an assortment of styles and flavors so they may discover which they prefer. Include traditional favorites like earl grey and chamomile along with a fruity jasmine, rich chai and the delicate flavor of white tea.

Tea makes a welcome gift at housewarmings, bridal showers and birthdays. It is also an excellent choice as part of a get well basket, particularly those blends that are formulated specifically for their health properties. Tea makes a unique baby shower gift as well. Look for children's tea sets that can be enjoyed by a young one and then passed down through generations. Accompany this with a larger, adult set so the new parents can take a few moments to relax while their newborn is sleeping.

No tea basket is complete without the delectable treats that often accompany teatime. Include a gift of fruit curd, honey or jam. Add a panettone, a rich bread that can be served alongside tea, or include a bag of gourmet treats like chocolate toffee almonds or blueberry lemon shortbread. Place all items in a lovely hamper basket with a card of well wishes to complete a gift that will be much appreciated.

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