Goats and Berries

Posted by Anne Marie on 4/11/2014 to Recipes

I have always enjoyed the story about the origins of coffee. It is a facsinating tale, and one I can never get tired of when I hear it.

Have you heard the Legend of Kaldi?

I know. You would think that "coffee" would be named after the person who supposedly discovered it. But there is reason the story of Kaldi and his goats is a legend - there is no actual proof or evidence that the legend is true. So we can't actually as for a fresh brewed cup of Colombian kaldi.

But according to the "History of Coffee" by the National Coffee Association USA, Kaldi was the man who discovered the power of some special berries in the what is now known as Ethiopia. Kaldi, a goatherd, noticed that his goats showed more energy and had a hard time sleeping after they had eaten some strange berries. Word is that Kaldi went to a nearby monastery and alerted the abbot of these berries. The abbot tried them out and noticed that they helped him stay awake during the long session of evening prayers. Before long, all the monks at the monastery learned of these berries, and they made their way to the Arabian Peninsula, where it found a mass following and it started the explosion of coffee all around the world.

What we still don't know is, whether the abbot had an espresso or a latte. From the account I heard in the past, I would have guessed a double espresso. What do you think? Was the abbot a straight black kind of guy?

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