How To Store Your Coffee For Flavor Freshness

Posted by Ann Marie on 12/31/2013 to European Gifts
If you are a coffee aficionado, you know when you taste good coffee. Whether you brew it at home or visit the local coffee shop, good coffee isn't just reflected by the brand's manufacturing process. Quality coffee also depends on your storage strategy. You can effectively make a new coffee bag taste awful with the wrong steps. Take a look at your best options for a truly amazing coffee experience everyday.

Daily Grounds Use
Ceramic jars are your best friend when it comes to proper coffee storage. Select a jar that has an air-tight lid, or at least a heavy-set type, and place your coffee in a cool and dark area. A pantry works well as a storage area, as long as it is not prone to heating up from a nearby refrigerator or sunlit back wall. The key to coffee storage is limiting light, heat and moisture. Only open the jar for as long as necessary to extract the coffee and retain the essential oils. Many ceramic jars made for coffee use hold about 16 ounces. If you have a busy household that loves coffee, that volume should disappear quickly, allowing you to enjoy the coffee at its peak freshness.

Bulk Whole Beans
If you buy your coffee in whole bean bulk form, storing it for long periods requires a different strategy. Divide the beans into different, air-tight containers and freeze them. When you need coffee, simply pull one container from the freezer. The other whole beans should still be fresh for as long as a month in the freezer. It is not preferable to take a huge coffee bean container repeatedly in and out of the freezer. The thawing action causes moisture to form on the beans, effectively reducing their taste through oil degradation. 

Grind As Needed
Once you pull your divided, whole bean coffee out of the freezer, place it in the refrigerator to slowly thaw. Do not grind the entire container at once, however. Ideally, you want to grind just enough coffee for each brewing session. Once you grind the beans, the flavor is released. Ultimately, you want to enjoy this aroma and flavoring as soon as possible before it dissipates. Grinding coffee in bulk reduces the flavor of each subsequent brewing session, making your cup less of an experience.

Avoid Ornamental Jars
Coffee beans are beautiful to behold, but using a glass jar to display your beans only degrades their flavor. Light penetrating the glass reduces flavor and intensity. It is best to keep the beans and grounds in ceramic jars where the material can slightly absorb some moisture and no light can alter the taste. Overall, you want the drink to taste great, rather than decorating your home.

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