How to Give Gourmet Food as a Gift

Posted by Ann Marie on 12/27/2013 to European Gifts
Gourmet foods are always a good choice when it comes to giving a gift that will be well-received and appreciated. They allow for creative expression and you can present them in a large number of ways. You can also choose to give several, or just a single, gourmet foods so that the recipient can enjoy the gift and you can be satisfied knowing that you made the perfect choice.

Your Budget
Gourmet foods are certainly not cheap so keep your own personal budget in mind as you are shopping. This will help to prevent you from spending too much and will ensure that you get the right gift for your friend or family member.

Pick a Theme
If you are giving several items, you may want to choose a theme so that it fits well together. For example, if you are welcoming a new neighbor or attending a housewarming party, you can create a gourmet food basket with some cheeses, breads and a really nice bottle of wine. All of these work well together.

Make a List
Once you have your theme locked down and know what your recipient likes, make a list of possible foods that will work well together. This will help you to stay on budget and will also help as you are searching for the items that you need because you are less likely to get sidetracked when you have a list.

Consider the Event
There are many reasons that you may give gourmet food as a gift and you need to be mindful of this. For example, gourmet sweets are a very good option when it comes to birthdays and holidays, but something like a gourmet cheese is a better option for something like a housewarming party. So, keep the event, as well as the recipient, in mind when you are choosing which items to give.  

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