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La Rochere Flowers Fruit Cup

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A unique silhouette speckled with embossed stars gives these stylish bowls an irresistible charm. The signature V shape on this small bowl makes a stylish presentation that’s suitable for serving hot or cold cereals, fresh fruits, salad, ice cream and much more.

2.3" H, 11.2 oz.

La Rochere, located in France, is the oldest continuous running glass factory in Europe. Ever since in 1475 (17 years before Columbus came to the Americas), La Rochere has been producing glass. Each item is machine-made in France at very high temperatures producing a glass that is both crystal clear and durable. This heavy-duty glass is sturdy and perfect for everyday use. It is both casual and elegant and dishwasher-safe. The many embossed decors include the Napoleon bee, French royal Fleur de Lys, Dragonfly representing spring and rebirth, Versailles, which is developed from the Palace at Versailles, or Perigold, the traditionallines and clarity from the Bordeaux region. Each piece is a piece of French glass history.

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