Mother's Day - An American Tradition Gone Viral

Posted by Ann Marie on 4/26/2014 to Events
As we pass the Easter holiday and the wonderful times had by kids with their candies, chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts, our thoughts - at least here in the U.S. - tend to move toward Mother's Day, to celebrate those who bring those Easter egg-hunters into this world. 

Mothers are everything to us, whether they be our biological mothers, our adoptive mothers, grandmothers, aunts who raised us or the  teacher who took a special liking to us and went out of her way to help us succeed. Mothering qualities are all around us in most people we are around - even men have some mothering qualities about them.

Mother's Day was started by a West Virginia woman early in the 20th century, and within 10 years it became a national holiday and within a few short years after that, the day (or some form of it) was being celebrated in dozens of countries around the world. Though it is celebrated on very different days of the year depending on the country, they all have a similar level of significance - honoring mothers and maternal figures for their work and dedication in forwarding new generations of a country. 

In America, at least, we know there are a lot of hard-working mothers out there. Mothers who raise kids, cook dinners and many of whom also have jobs outside the home. However, we also know those mothers who love pretty things, and love tasty beverages and food. 

Your mother is special to you, just like my mother is special to me. Your mother is unique i that there is only one of her. Why not look here to find a unique gift for that unique mother? We are practically a business built for mothers everywhere. Not only do we have great little gifts to make her house look pretty, but we also have plenty of lovely gifts to fit her beverage palate. Whether it's tea or coffee she likes, you are bound to find something that she enjoys. 

Don't let a Mother's Day go by without at least visiting us. We feel confident that we have the unique gift for your unique mother. Because we think mothers are unique, but our collective love for our mothers is not unique. We share the same desire to make Mom feel special. Let's work together to achieve that goal.

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