Nowlan Bud Vase

Nowlan Bud Vase

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A bold contrast to the delicacy of any fresh-cut flower, the Nowlan Bud Vase is a commanding centerpiece alone or as a grouping. 

Homage to the American sculptor, Lawrence Nowlan, this collection is a reflection on the slow, time-worn effects of nature upon itself. The glassblower is encouraged to build from generous portions of liquid glass, lifting the restrictions of classical form and mov ing toward bolder shapes that are innovative and unapologetic.

Moderation not in m ind, these contemplative pieces are a statement to our glassblowers creativity and mobility beyond convention. The edges are guided by wooden paddles to emphasize silhouettes amidst soft curves that keep the eye along the edges, effecting a look which reconciles light and shadow.

Dimensions: 8½" H x 4" W x 4" D
Capacity: 14 ounces
Materials: Glass
Made in: USA

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